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These pages are dedicated to the subject of what a dog needs to lead a happy, balanced life. 

Maybe you are visiting me here because daily life with your dog is stressful? Do you have a dog who destroys your flat when you go out? Who pulls on the lead or barks at people or other dogs?
A dog who is afraid of unknown objects, or of children? Might you even be afraid of your own dog and are ashamed of admitting it?

A happy dog is a sensible dog
Years ago, I experienced various difficulties myself, which is how everything began. First with my whippet dog, Leicester, and later different issues with my whippet girl, Chai. I really meant the best for my dogs and believed I was doing everything right for them. I shall be posting blogs about some of these problems and what I discovered by overcoming them.

Leicester, Sommer 2013, aged 5 1/2 years.

I realised that I was not able to give my dogs a sense of security. Indeed I was leaving them in the lurch in various different ways. They were having to cope with too much and sometimes made inappropriate decisions which was not their fault. They were not happy and I could not reasonably expect them to behave sensibly.

The turning point
I could now see how much misinformation there is out there and why it is very difficult for some dogs to cope in our daily lives. It was clear I could not help Leicester and Chai by training them in artificial behaviour.
So I set about learning what my role in the team was, how to lead them securely and compassionately through our human world, and what they needed from me. 

I came to realise how highly developed a social animal our dogs are.

Chai, Sommer 2013, aged 4 1/2 years.

From then on, I began looking less at how I wanted my dogs to behave and more at their real needs. I started looking in depth at ways of helping them acquire and use the social skills they need in everyday life.

During the course of my search, I've found a simple way of living with my dogs in harmony, beyond methods, beyond the polemical debates which often rage in the world of dog whisperers and other experts.

When Speedy came to live with us, I was in a much better position to support this extremely stressed greyhound, rescued from the racetracks of Ireland, through an extraordinary process of resocialisation. One year later, he's a relaxed, cheerful and confident family member.

Speedy, New Year 2013, aged 3 years.

I'm glad you're visiting me here at Good Dog Practice!
In the meantime, I work with people (and their dogs;-) so that they can find their own way to a harmonious relationship with one another. My primary interest is in stress reduction and the prevention of problem behaviour.

Dogs – and their people – have various needs in order to live happy and balanced lives. I attach great importance in my work to valuing each individual and their needs, to confidence and trust and to scientific knowledge.

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