You invest

Perhaps you want support while you choose a suitable canine companion,
or you already have a puppy you want to give a good start in life?

Perhaps you are facing challenges with your dog, as I once was?

Or maybe you are looking for quality time with your dog in the form of pleasant,
dog-friendly activities?

The first step to getting started is the

First Consultation:
I get to know you and your dog, and you get to meet me 🙂 We take time to talk
about wishes and goals. Together, we look at some questions which shed light on 
– how your dog experiences life at the moment and 
– how we can best support his talents and life skills. 

We develop first ideas for further activities. There is no time pressure and we usually
take around 1 1/2 hours. 

90,- Euro.

After this, we meet at a pace to suit the development of the dog. This can be once
a week, every 10 days, or once every two weeks.

Subsequent Consultations:
We work together to further a good relationship between you and your dog built on
trust and meaningful activities. 

Each dog and owner  team is individual.  It could mean practising some handling skills
 to enable relaxed walking on the lead. It could be going for a walk while learning about
canine body language or how dogs use objects in the environment to communicate and
to orientate. 

This session, including our conversation about what has been experienced, will usually
last for about an hour. 

43,- Euro.

5er Karten 194.-  Euro.
10er Karten 350.- Euro .

Nose work and social walks:
Dog-friendly activities build confidence and allow for quality time together. 
Where appropriate, we may meet with one or two other dogs.
Meetings last for about one hour. 

34.- Euro.

5er Karte 150.- Euro.
10er Karten 250.- Euro.

I have reduced prices for pensioners and the unemployed. Please ask for
further details through the contact form.

In addition to individual coaching, I offer a free information service via my blog.