I offer you:

…the chance to begin on a journey to a harmonious relationship.
Dogs want to cooperate with us. To enable them to do this, it is important for us to read our
dogs' body language. When we respond kindly to our dogs' subtle signs and signals, they feel understood.  They begin to share their feelings with us and to trust us. In turn, they will respond willingly to our body language.

In quiet, individual sessions, you will be able to build this communication with your dog,
without stress and distraction.

…a fine way of using the lead as a means of dialogue. 

  • Discover which environments your dog feels most at ease in.
  • Find out how to see when your dog is coping well or
  • how to see when your dog is overwhelmed by a situation.
  • Recognise when your support is needed and how best to give it to your dog.
  • Discover your dog's natural abilities.
  • Learn how to support your dog in developing skills and
  • how to enable your dog to make good decisions in everyday situations.

…support with your new family member.








A special wish of mine is that problem behaviours don't arise if avoidable. So I've made it an important goal in my work to try to prevent the causes for problem behaviour and difficulties for the dog. Which breed should you choose? A dog from the shelter? Or a puppy?
Leicester, 7 weeks old.

An important goal in my work is to prevent the heartache of problem behaviour and health issues, wherever possible. Life is of course not wholly predictable, but it is worth trying to eliminate the avoidable causes of later difficulties, by considering your options carefully.

I offer to accompany you 

  • while you are thinking about which dog would be happiest with you.
  • while you consider which breed you should choose.
  • while you are deciding whether to adopt an adult dog, or a puppy, or a rescue dog.
  • when your new dog moves in with you.
  • while your puppy is developing physically, psychologically and socially.
  • through the process of rehabilitating a dog who had a difficult start in life.

…help with problem behaviour.
If your dog is already experiencing difficulty with some aspect of daily life, I help you both reduce potential stress factors and work on social skills. The aim is that you and your dog can enjoy as relaxed and happy a life as possible.

Before we start practical sessions, we have a full consultation during which we develop goals for our work together. I look forward to hearing from you through the contact form and will reply promptly to your enquiry.