For fosterers of rescue dogs.

Good Dog Practice is committed to supporting rescues and shelters. 

Rescue dogs are stressed, even if they seem to be coping well. Furthermore, many dogs
have been incorrectly socialised. Instead of feeling confident in social situations, they are overwhelmed, perhaps even traumatised.

Tired, insecure dogs may even potentially be dangerous dogs.

The successful rehoming of a dog depends on stress reduction and adequate socialisation. 
Dogs need to learn social skills at their own pace.

This is better not left to chance!  In seminars tailor-made for fosterers and first-time adopters,
I share my experience of rehabilitating rescue dogs. Some simple, practical knowledge can
save so much heartache!

I passionately believe that dogs should lead happy lives. If you are thinking of fostering or adopting a rescue dog, then I'm sure we share this wish.

If you would like further information on my seminars, please write 'foster seminar' in the reference bar when you contact me.

My special offer:
After covering my costs, I share the proceeds with rescues who organise my seminars for their fosterers and adopters.

Gain canine knowledge and skills, and raise desperately needed funds at the same time! A win-win for all concerned, especially for the dogs.

If you are a rescue and want information about working together on a seminar, please write 'fundraising offer' in the reference bar when you contact me.