I can not build my happiness on the unhappiness of another being.
This conviction from my Buddhist belief means:
when we harm another living being, we harm ourselves.

The values of compassion, fairness and responsibility are important to me.
I always have in mind that nature is a continuum of which we are part.

I wish to contribute to education about dogs, because false descriptions of their nature lead to misguided actions which in turn cause them suffering. On the other hand, recognising their true nature opens up wonderful new opportunities. These opportunities include learning more about ourselves and living in harmony with our dogs.

Rosee Riggs
Evening walk.

Clear perception is vital.
Dogs are social individuals, like ourselves. Unlike us, they have no sense of status.

Dogs have a psyche, just as we do. Their thought processes differ from ours in some ways and their sensory perception is for the most part much acuter! All the more necessary, therefore, for us to be considerate of their sharp senses and the needs that arise from them.

Our empathy tells us that dogs have thoughts, feelings and emotions.  And science is continually finding new information on the extraordinary intelligence of dogs and their highly developed social cognition.

However, I pose the question: Would dogs be less worthy of our respect, were they less intelligent and less highly developed? Do we only respect other beings if they fulfil the attributes that we value in ourselves?

Fair, respectful communication leads to a natural cooperation between dogs and people.
Dogs have adapted through the process of domestication to cooperate with us voluntarily. They want to please us and fit in as part of our family.

When the physical, social and psychological needs of our dogs are met, we have balanced dogs who will behave politely. My work is built on these three pillars.

Dogs have a natural life of their own which I respect. I therefore reject the use of any form of physical or psychological pressure. In other words, I reject training which uses pain or intimidation as a means to an end.

Rather, my aim is to make it possible for dogs and humans to work as a team, to live happily and safely together in their social environment. I therefore offer activities which further the communication between you and your dog.

If we humans learn our dogs' body language and about our role in the team, then our dogs can rely 100% on our support and guidance when they need it. They will reward us by communicating to us and cooperating gladly.

I am convinced that, ultimately, a happy, balanced dog is also a sensible dog.
What do I mean by this?
I am passionate about bringing up dogs in such a way as to prevent stress, fear, and problem behaviour arising if possible. This is a pro-active approach, the aim of which is to provide good experiences which are also good learning experiences.

I believe in a process of gradual socialization and in the furthering of dogs' natural talents.  

Should stressful and unwanted behaviour have already arisen, I work with each dog-human team individually. You will be pleased to discover how effective it is when we work together,while respecting the r e a l needs of your dog.

For the practical application of my ethos, please read I OFFER YOU.