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Good Dog Practice is dedicated to what makes dogs happy, safe and sensible companions.
A dog whose needs are met on a physical, social and psychological level will also be a dog who can cope with life in our human world.

I look at scientific discoveries, reflect on what I experience with my own dogs, and also what I learn from other people and their dogs. Sometimes, I invite colleagues to write guest posts.

In my practical work, I specialise in dog-friendly handling, stress-reduction and the furthering of social skills. I prefer to work in as natural an environment as possible, rather than doing exercises. I reject exerting any kind of physical or psychological pressure on the dog.

I am always looking for the best conditions for a harmonious way of living with dogs. If you share these interests with me, I would love to read your contributions on the different topics discussed.

I appreciate it when people take the time to share their stories and experiences with me.
So don't stay anonymous! Write to me via CONTACT ME and tell me about the subjects associated with dogs which interest you. I answer all emails as soon as I can,
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