About me

I come originally from England, where my immediate family still lives.
I now live in Gloggnitz in Lower Austria. There, I share my life
with two whippets, Leicester and Chai, a greyhound, Speedy, who was rescued from the racetrack in Ireland, and my golden retriever, Gambit.

Rosee Riggs

Give and take is the key to a harmonious life with my dogs!
A happy dog is a sensible and balanced dog, who has learned
to make good decisions in social situations. The conditions
for this are two-way communication and mutual trust.
Don't we all want that for our dogs?

Through experience of working through issues with my
own dogs,I discovered a way of living with them which differs in
some ways from the usual approach. In my blog posts, I will refer
to these experiences and share with you the insights I gained.

During this process, I found a trainers' education course which combines cutting-edge knowledge with the values important to me (the International Programme for Applied Canine Studies, certified by Sheila Harper and Winny Boerman.)  I am pleased and proud to call these pioneering behaviour counsellors my mentors and have now successfully completed both IPACS 1 and IPACS 2 courses.

In addition, I visit seminars by colleagues working professionally with canines,
and I read articles and studies to keep abreast of scientific developments.

Mutual Understanding
Dogs are social beings with highly developed cognitive faculties. They are, however,
reliant on us to lead them safely, and with a minimum of stress, through our human world.

If that is not to prove a dilemma for them, it is important that dog owners acquaint themselves with their dogs' needs. These needs are physical, psychological and social. I found that learning about the needs of my dogs sharpened my own perception considerably.

I have been a respected adult education teacher for many years, in the fields of theatre arts and leadership skills. Social and leadership skills are essential to my work with dog owners. Together, we develop our skills, while supporting the dogs in developing their natural talents. Quite naturally, we are also schooling our perception and empathy.

These are some of the keys to a harmonious way of living with dogs. My passions include good dog handling, helping people and their dogs prevent problem behaviours arising, and helping to solve existing difficulties.

If you want a way of living with your dog which is based on mutual trust, then I am pleased to welcome you here! I shall be glad to send you news of my blogs, activities for subscribers or the occasional special offer.

I am sure you are as fascinated by the canine world as I am,
so I would be pleased to keep in touch with you!
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Rosee Riggs